Dominic Scott

Daniel Sorrentino

I always been fascinated about baking since kid: creating, shaping, experimenting and then the final result: an explosion of flavours…but guess what? I’m still that kid.

At the age of 14 I started the Bakery school in Novara. Looking for a new experience I moved to Sydney, at the age of 28, and met another side of this job where I learned new methods that I’m still secretly use in my creations.

Came in Marbella, a new discover became part of my journey the “Pinsa Romana” something where I do believe will soon make the difference in the “Pizza world” and why not in the “Bakery world” too.

Dominic Scott

Graziana Cicero

See people enthusiastic about a dish, a wine or even a cocktail is what make me feel completely delighted and proud to be part of this industry.

I’m 19 when I start working for a cocktail bar of friend of mine in Italy, in Novara, Piedmont. At the age of 24 I moved to Sydney where I worked for big names as Neil Perry, Eugenio Maiale and Antoine Moscovitz whom gave me the opportunity to discover the magic behind the mediterranean kitchen scenes.

Here I am, in Marbella, searching for the same enthusiasm and looking forward for a future in the fusion Italian cuisine.